Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time management

Heres something I had to write on a quicky on time managent..Its helped a great deal tho I am yet to master it..hope it helps you a bit too..Here we go...

Time Management

Ever wondered why your peers, who were partying hard with you, have achieved a lot more in life than you? When did they find the time to make it big and why are you left behind? Why is it that your workload keeps increasing despite the fact that you have worn yourself out trying to clear them? The problem is with the way you manage your time.

While all of us are blessed with the same time frame-24 hours, how we utilize it directs our life. Humans are divided into two classes-the achievers and the failures. The only difference between the two is time management. While the successful lot has managed to make the most of the 24 hours in the most productive manner, the latter still struggles to achieve anything in life due to poor time management.Now, the question arises as to what is time management? Time management is the basic shift in focus to achieve the most in the given time. The Pareto Principle fantastically denotes our time management. Going by this 80:20 principle, we use 80% of our mismanaged, underutilized time to achieve 20 % of our targets while just 20% of efficiently used time results in 80% positive results. Pareto’s principle reminds us to focus on the 20% that matters and put in more effort on that to kiss success. All the successful people from all walks of life have managed to strike a balance with Pareto’s theory.

To join the elite list of successful people, it’s important to get your time management right. Well managed time helps you to be in control of not just your work but also your life. You may seem really busy fretting over some pending work which just gobbles up your time, but in the end you feel you have achieved nothing and the work never seems to get done either. Also poor time management results in last minute scuttling around to meet deadlines, delays, overlapping of appointments, wasted days and a lot of stress. Productively utilizing your time and decreasing such inefficiency helps you succeed in life and avoid above situations. Here are a few simple steps to make the most of your time

· In order to increase the number of hits on your targets you can just sort your work on the basis of priority- the important and the trivial. While you are on with your important work, give it your 100% which involves no interruptions, 10 minute coffee break and back to focusing on the work. Remember, our brain takes 10-15 minutes to focus well on one thing, so make sure you work for 30- 45 minutes without a break or disturbance to yield maximum result.

· Keep your desk in order and make a small list of what you have placed where. This will decrease the time that you waste in searching for your things and makes your desk look organized. It also makes you feel in control of the situation.

· Make a small to-do list for the week that highlights all that you need to do. End of the week, asses all that you have achieved on the list and reward yourself for good performance. This will increase your confidence.

· Sort out your professional meetings on the basis of priorities. Schedule only meeting that require face to face communication and sort the others out by reverting via mails or telecons. When you fix a meeting, write down all the important pointers for the meetings beforehand. This not just saves time but also makes sure that you don’t miss out anything important.

· There are tasks that we may not enjoy much but nevertheless we can’t ignore them. In such a scenario, just get down to work and finish them. You will relish the freedom that comes from getting over with important yet boring tasks.

· Besides planning the week, planning the day helps a great deal as it also takes care of all the trivial work that does not need much time. · The most important of all is to keep a tab on the days, weeks and months progress as this will help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

All this can be easily achieved by maintaining a little bit of self discipline. Above all, effective time management helps you make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

8x10 Tasveer-Review

8x10 Tasveer - A Nagesh Kukkunoor movie with Akshay Kumar –thriller—put all the three together and you can swear by the fact the movie will keep you glued to the seats...But this was far from reality…arm yourself with a huge basket of pop corn and some good company to help you survive all the 'what was that?' moments…

Jai(Akshay Kumar) has some kind of super natural power that lets him have a 1 minute peek into the lives of the people if he can get hold of their snap…whats interesting is that only the last one minute after the snaps been taken are what akshay gets to see …and this insight hold true irrespective of it being a hard copy or an image in the mobile…this also has a side effect of him almost slipping into coma and having to rush for a blood transfusion post the vision…I doubt any doctor can explain this strange phenomena...never mind…He’s also a forest officer or something chasing bear hunters and diving off cliffs as if its the easiest thing to do ( the promos give us a peak into this psycho side of the character) …

His dad dies under not-so-mysterious circumstances and everyone assumes it was a normal heart attack...till this loony character who introduces himself as Happi with an ‘I’ (Javed Jaffrey in an adorable role) plants a seed in Jai’s head that his dad was murdered..

The rest of the movie was a mystery. The climax was the most bizarre one that one could ever think of …for a man of Nagesh’s sensibilities and his talent, I still don’t know what made him direct a movie so senseless… Like a PC Sarkar act, a twin brother of Jai’s appears in the ending. From the time he had accidently disappeared while he was just 10 or 11 to to his come left wondering of his upbringing and where abouts for all these years...

Sharmila Tagore as his mum din’t really add anything great to the movie, while the rest of the caste was just ok…the only surviving grace was Javed Jaffrey. Whenever he comes on screen, he tickles you with his hyderabaadi accent and brilliant performance…Ayesha Takia as Jai’s girls done a completely different role…so different you really don’t know what shes doing in the movie…

For man whose delivered Dorr and Hyderabad Blues, this movie was a downer...Its good to explore new genres, but this time the result is disastrous.Unless you wanna beat the heat and find solace in the air conditioned theatres, give this a miss.

My ratings- *

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Devarishi Patel-Mtv Roadies 6 Hell Down Under

Devarishi Patel -Annoying...thats the word that comes to my mind when I think of him on MTV Roadies…initially I found him cute ( I must have been out of my mind) and was a bit pissed with Pradeep for kicking him…I thought that the poor, innocent chap was being bullied…and then the Nauman vote out happened and I realized that he’s far from being innocent. He knows what’s happening and is smart enough to play the game of ‘trust’ very well. I just pity the people who trusted him…
As the episodes flew, my disdain for Devarsihi Patel just grew…I always thought that Raghu was an intelligent chap who knew what he was doing while selecting the contestants…This time I was not so sure…This young roady is really, really irritating. Half the time he has no idea about what he’s talking, he tries his best to dominate, and his optimistic talks really gets you in the wrong place. Now I must confess that may be what Pradeep did was wrong but the devil in me is now ready to defend him. MTV roadies 6 Hell Down Under, is a snake pit and the fittest wins…But please at least the contestants have a class…I am glad that this stupid chap was kicked out, that too with serious loathing…Devarishi, puhlease get a life dude… there’s more to this world than fools like you talking in a weird accent and being ‘lucky’ enough to land up on such a popular reality show… glad your ‘kicked’ out…Guess you weren’t fit to survive after all..